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Solarmarkit’s List Of The Best Solar Panels In Australia For 2023

In 2023, people frequently inquire about the best-quality solar panels available in Australia. Determining the definitive answer can be challenging, but in the table below, we present our endeavor to provide a reasonable ranking of the finest solar panels accessible in the Australian market. 

It is crucial to note that we neither sell these products nor have we received any compensation from manufacturers. To know more about our methodology and criteria for choosing these products, continue reading ahead.



Product Warranty

Performance Warranty

Degradation Rate

Bloomberg Tier 1


Sunpower Maxeon 6

Upto 22.6%1

Product warranty of 40 years


After 40 years

Guaranteed 89%


sunpower maxeon 3

REC Alpha Pure Series

Up to 22.1%

Product Warranty is 25 years

The performance warranty is 25 years

After 25 years

Guaranteed 93%


rec alpha series

Canadian Solar HiHero

Up to 22.9%

The product warranty is 25 years 

The performance warranty is 30 years

Guaranteed 88% after 30 years


Canadian Solar HiKu CS3L

Jinko Tiger Neo (N-Type)

Up to 22.1%

The product warranty is 25 years

The Performance is 30 years


Guaranteed 86% after 30 years

jinko tiger 66 cell

Q-Cells Q.Peak Q.MAXX G4+

Up to 21.3%

Product 25 years warranty

The Performance warranty is 25 years

Guaranteed 85% after 25 years


Q-Cells Q.Peak DUO G8

Solarwatt Vision Pure

Up to 20.8%

Product 30 years warranty

Performance 30 years warranty

Guaranteed 86% after 30 years


Solarwatt Vision 60M

Hyundai UF Series

Up to 21.2%

Product 25 years and 

Performance 25 years 

Guaranteed 84.7% after 25 years


Hyundai VG Series

Winaico Gemini

Up to 21.1%

The product warranty is 25 years

Performance Warranty is 25 years

Guaranteed 84% after 25 years


Winaico Gemini

Longi Hi-MO 5m

Up to 21.4%

The product warranty is 25 years

the Performance warranty is 25 years 

Guaranteed 84% after 25 years


Longi Hi-MO4

Yingli YLM-J

Up to 21.2%

Product Warranty is 25 years

Performance Warranty is 25 years

Guaranteed 84% after 25 years


Phono Twin Plus

Our Methodology: How We Identified the Best Solar Panels in Australia

Our focus is on residential monofacial solar panel options, specifically the best-performing 60-cell or 120-half-cell solar panels offered by each brand. To simplify matters, we've narrowed our assessment down to four key criteria for evaluating solar panels:

1. Solar Panel Performance and Product Warranty:

Warranty length is a significant indicator of quality and durability for most products, and solar panels are no exception.

Solar panels come with both performance and product warranties. The performance warranty ensures that the panel will produce a minimum percentage of its rated output at the end of its expected life, typically 25 years. The rate of degradation varies with panel quality.

A product warranty covers manufacturing defects, with industry standards ranging from 12 to 15 years, while premium options offer up to 25 years.

All companies in our top 10 list have an Australian office for warranty claims, ensuring options for recourse if your installer ceases operations.

2. Max Efficiency:

Solar panel manufacturers have been striving to maximize output from a single panel. Residential projects now use panels ranging from 300 to 400 watts.

Max efficiency is a standardized measure indicating a panel's ability to convert sunlight into DC electricity. Higher efficiency reduces the number of panels required on your roof and signifies advanced technology.

3. Bloomberg Tier 1:

The renowned Bloomberg Tier 1 ranking identifies financially stable solar panel brands, ensuring they can honor their lengthy warranties.

While this ranking doesn't assess panel quality, it adds weight to the provided warranty.

4. Degradation Rate:

As discussed in the warranty section, the degradation rate is typically backed by a performance warranty.

Solar manufacturers have guaranteed larger percentages of output over the panel's lifetime through improved durability and component strength.

While short-term savings may be modest, these guarantees can result in significant long-term savings over a solar project's lifespan.

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