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Start with answering the three Ws (what, when, and where), then upload clear photos relevant to the job. Make the communication process easier by providing as many details as you can. Once you’re done with this step, you can now wait for offers to come in.

Solar Jobs includes any residential or commercial solar installation job. It may also include, cleaning your solar panels, installation of a personal off-grid solar system and any job that involves solar equipment.

You can post any job that requires the service of a Solar Provider. Examples of jobs you can post include the cleaning of your solar panels, installation of a personal off-grid solar system, or any job that involves a solar professional.

If you need any solar equipment supply and stocks (be it for business or personal use), you can find reliable suppliers after posting a job. However, if you need a customised approach or a single piece of solar equipment, be sure to take note of that in your post description.

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Review solar offers

Find the best SolarPro for the job by reviewing their Solarmarkit profiles. Check out their reviews, jobs undertaken, notable achievements, and relevant training. This will help you determine if they are suitable for the job you want done.

Make sure to read not only the profile details but their company description as well. When viewing their company on Solarmarkit, you will be able to assess the previous jobs they have undertaken, their reviews from customers, place of business, and verification badges. This information will help you pick the right SolarPro for your job.

Once you’ve decided which Solar Provider to assign the job to, you can start exchanging information, transacting and agreeing on the most suitable time for starting the installation process.

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Get the solar job done

Let your chosen SolarPro get the job done, then confirm its completion. Payments are only going to be released after you click the Mark as Completed button. Of course, don’t forget to leave an honest review based on how well your SolarPro did the job. Here at Solarmarkit, we encourage transparency to help build a more credible solar community based on genuine reviews.

Staying on Solarmarkit even after the job allows you to enjoy continuous customer service. This enables you to stay connected with your Solar Provider to ensure your agreement on the job has been met. It is only after you complete your job with Solarmarkit that you’d be able to access our Referral Program and Electricity Rebate. Each referral will credit 2% of the total job completion price to your SolarWallet.

On the rare occasion that the Solar Provider does not deliver as agreed upon, you will be able to start the process to dispute via the “Report” button, which can be found in the Manage Jobs tab on your dashboard. This process will put both parties in a chat to discuss the best possible outcome. If there is no resolution, the dispute is then given to Solarmarkit to decide.

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1. Join for Free

You don’t have to pay anything to start searching for available solar jobs nationwide.
It's free! If you then decide that you want to take on more jobs, start giving more competitive offers. Easy!

Yes, you will need to verify your business information by providing your Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN) and Clean Energy Council (CEC)-accredited information.

You will need to provide documents relating to your CEC accreditation and ABN/ACN.

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2. Browse available solar jobs across the country and make competitive offers

Search for solar jobs in all categories. Once you find a solar job that suits your business, make an offer and start chatting with the homeowner.

Once your job is accepted, you will now be in a contract with the homeowner to provide the solar services indicated on the job description. After payment confirmation, you can now start the installation. You will also be able to chat privately and discuss details about the job.

Yes. You can do that by deleting the previous offer, then making a new one. To do this, all you have to do is visit the Manage Jobs section.

As many as your company can commit to provide. Remember each installation is rated and reviewed by the homeowner, so be sure you only accept jobs that you can finish.

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3. Get the job done and get paid

Once your offer is accepted, it is time to organise your CEC-accredited installers and attend to the job requests. During this stage, the payment of the job is either held in escrow to ensure you get paid after the job (SolarPay), or done through a third party for transactions outside the platform (Payment Plan).

After the job is completed, both parties need to mark the job as completed - Mark it! Once the job has been marked as completed by both parties (you can do this by clicking the Mark as Completed button), the payment is then released to your SolarWallet.

Yes. Please be sure to request appropriate documentation from the homeowner. You will be able to claim your Small Technology Certificates (STCs) via your solar exchange company.

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