How does Solarmarkit work?

Post any solar job

​Start with explaining your solar job. Point out when and where you need it completed, then provide the appropriate photos so solar professionals and suppliers understand the scope of job. Post any job you need, from a full residential solar installation, to stock supply of 50KW of high grade solar panels for your business. There is no commitment to get a solar professional or supplier.

  • What are Solar Jobs?

    Solar Jobs includes any residential or commercial solar installation job. It may also include, cleaning your solar panels, installation of a personal off-grid solar system and any job that involves solar equipment.

  • What are Solar Supply Requests?

    Solar supply requests includes any supply of stock for your business or personal use. It may be supply for a 5KW complete solar set or supply for 100KW of high grade solar panels. However, if you need a customized solar approach or a single piece of solar equipment, be sure to make note of that in your post description!

  • What is Solar Advice?

    Solar advice includes information or knowledge you may need about your solar system or solar in general. This may be information about a tailored solar system or specific help with your solar business. Solar advice can only be provided by solar professionals who have years of experience in solar industry.


Review solar offers

Review your job offers and find the most suited solar professional
Look at the reviews, completion rate and profiles to determine the most suitable solar professional or supplier for your job. If you have a specific job, be sure to check if they have solar certifications. These certifications will let you know how qualified they are. Once you have found the right professional or supplier, you will be able to chat and clarify job details.

  • How do I pick the right solar professional or supplier?

    During your selection process take your time when finding the most suitable professional or supplier for the job. Look at their profiles to see what certifications they hold and how they performed with previous jobs. Certifications are only provided to those professionals who have been background checked and given the appropriate documents for verification.

  • How many offers will I receive?

    You will receive many offers for your job. It is best to wait until you are satisfied with the amount of offers you have. We suggest you carefully look through the offers solar professionals and suppliers provide and cross-reference them with one another. This way, you can pinpoint which offer stands out.

  • What happens when I find the right solar professional or supplier for the job?

    For your utmost trade protection and security, the total agreed price will be held in a payment service called SolarPay. We hold the payment to ensure your job or solar supplies is delivered as per the job details. Once you are satisfied with the delivery of the job, the funds will be released to your solar professional or supplier.


Get the solar job done

Once the solar professional or supplier finishes your job, confirm job completion and approve of the payment to be released. After that, give your professional a star rating based on how excellent they delivered the job!

  • Am I protected during the job process?

    es. The solar professional or supplier can apply for insurance certifications that can be found on their profiles. These certifications come in the form of solar stock transit insurance, product liability insurance, certified product warranty and public liability insurance. Once they are approved and have provided the correct documentation you will be able to see what insurance they have as a solar professional, supplier or manufacturer. Find out more about solar certifications

  • After the job is done, why do I need Solarmarkit?

    Once the solar job is done, we will ensure the solar professional or supplier will attend to your customer service and warranty needs. You will be able to upload your solar data into your dashboard to see many solar recommendations or request solar advice on what can be done to improve your solar systems performance and consequently your savings.

  • What if my solar professional or supplier does not deliver?

    On the rare occasion your solar professional or supplier does not deliver as per the agreed job details, we commence a Solar Investigation. The unbiased outcome of this will determine if you are eligible for returned payment, or partially paid to the solar professional or supplier. Please keep in mind, during this process photos and communication is beneficial during the Solar Investigation. Learn more about the Solar Investigation


You are protected.

Get solar knowing that Solarmarkit has your back all the way.
From trade protection to secure payments, we are with you every step of the way.

Trade Protection

Protection is there to ease any concerns, ensuring that during your solar job, the solar professional or supplier has insurance. Learn more


Secure Payments

We hold job payments secure with SolarPay – so jobs can be done knowing payment is there when you’ve finished the installation, delivered the solar equipment or provided professional solar advice.


Solarmarkit Certifications

Certifications offer more credibility to solar professionals and suppliers when determining who to select for the job. Learn more about certifications


We Journey with You

To make sure your solar journey is on the right path, our live Help Centre and dedicated Solarmarkit Support are available 365 days a year. We are ready to help.