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Solarmarkit Referral System

By encouraging friends and family to sign up for Solarmarkit, homeowners can earn 2% of the total system cost, to put toward future electricity costs or home renovations through the Solarmarkit Referral Program.

Homeowners must accept these conditions, which are integrated into the Solarmarkit Terms of Service, in order to participate.

How to Earn via Referral System

If a friend you refer completes a solar installation and enters your special referral code while submitting a job, you can earn money as a homeowner (as defined below).


After the friend's solar installation is complete, the referring Homeowner will get 2% of the total cost mentioned for each type of solar job. The referring homeowner will get the payment stated in relation to the total cost of the completed job if the referred friend completes a solar installation by assigning and completing a solar job. If the recommended friends complete many solar installations, the referring Homeowner's earnings will grow.


Unless otherwise stated in the referral code or related promotional materials, there is no cap on the amount that can be earned per Homeowner in relation to solar installations done by friends who have been referred.


Eligible Solar Installations


Before the referring Homeowner may get paid, an eligible solar installation must be assigned and paid for using the Solarmarkit platform, and the referred friend must complete the solar installation or job. If the referring Homeowner is the installer or if the solar installation is canceled at any time, the installation will not be regarded as an Eligible Installation and no money will be earned as a result.


The only way to redeem amounts is through the Solarmarkit Platform. When earned, the amount will show up in your SolarWallet as a Credit. Multiple Solarmarkit Accounts cannot be created in order to gain. It is not permitted to combine money that has accrued in different Solarmarkit accounts.


Please contact us via live customer support if, for any reason, you think there is an error with your balance. In order to determine your balance, Solarmarkit could ask for further information from you.

If there are any Tax repercussions from your redemption or use of funds, you are accountable for them. When necessary, Solarmarkit might have to give an accounting for any services for which the amounts are used.

Sharing Referral Codes

Only use referral codes for private, non-commercial activities. Referral codes shouldn't be posted or circulated on blogs or commercial websites like those that offer coupons. It is against the terms and conditions for homeowners to "spam" people with referral codes. This includes sending out referral codes via mass emails, texts, or messages to contacts you do not know, as well as by employing bots or automated systems on any platform. It is against the guidelines for homeowners to pay to promote their referral codes.

Referred Friends

Referral codes cannot be used with other Solarmarkit referral programs or incentives, transferred to another person, or exchanged for cash. Each code may only be applied to the assignment of a single eligible solar installation on that satisfies the conditions (excluding service fees or taxes) specified in the referral code, related promotional materials, Solarmarkit website, or Solarmarkit mobile application for that type of solar installation.


Solarmarkit reserves the right to take any necessary remedial action, including suspending your account or solar job, in the event that it suspects fraud, tampering, violations of these terms or Solarmarkit's Terms of Service, or technical issues.

Multiple Referrals

There is a limit of one referral code per Homeowner. Only the homeowner whose referral code was utilized by the referred friend will benefit.

The Referral System cannot be used in conjunction with any other Solarmarkit referral incentives or programs. The initial referrer will be given preference for payment if a referred friend receives referral codes from several Solarmarkit Homeowners.



If any section of these conditions is determined to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, that provision (or that portion of it) shall be deemed to be severed from the remaining provisions, which shall remain valid and enforceable.

Termination and Changes

The Referral System and a homeowner's participation in it may be suspended or terminated by Solarmarkit at any time for any reason.


If Solarmarkit observes any behaviour that we deem to be abusive, fraudulent, or in breach of the Solarmarkit Terms of Service, we retain the right to suspend accounts or confiscate funds. Solarmarkit retains the right to examine and look into all referral-related activity, and, in its sole discretion, to revoke referrals or suspend accounts as necessary to be fair and appropriate.

The range, diversity, and nature of the services and goods that you might acquire through redemption are subject to change at any time.

Updates to Terms

These terms are subject to change without notice at any moment. Any changes to these conditions will be posted on the website, applications, or services, and will become active immediately after being posted. Following any update, participation in the Referral System going forward will indicate consent to that modification.