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Solar Power Shines in Adelaide: Comparing Prices & Installers

Adelaide, SA boasts an impressive 30-40% of homes equipped with solar panels, making it a prime destination for solar power. As electricity rates soar, more residents are embracing solar to harness the sun's energy. 

This article dives into the essentials of going solar in Adelaide, covering energy production, incentives, and the financial return, while also touching on home battery storage.

Illuminating Energy Production: Power from Solar Panels

Understanding a solar PV system's potential is vital when seeking the best solar deal. Solar panels generate electricity only during sunny hours, depending on the sunshine intensity and duration. 

The article presents energy generation estimates for common residential solar system sizes, highlighting their seasonal variations.

Estimated Solar PV system energy yields for solar panels Adelaide

Solar system size (kilowatts)

Avg daily system output (kilowatt-hours)

Annual output (kilowatt-hours)


10.8 kWh

3,976 kWh


14.5 kWh

5,258 kWh


18.3 kWh

6644 kWh


24.6 kWh

8947 kWh


36.4 kWh

13254 kWh

Calculating Solar Needs: Consumption and System Sizing

Determining the solar system size depends on factors like available roof space, budget, and SA Power Networks' restrictions. Solar panels' affordability allows for flexibility, with 5kW being the popular choice due to its value for money. 

Incentives and Rebates in Adelaide

The City of Adelaide's Sustainability Incentive Scheme provides rebates for solar PV and battery storage systems in specific postcodes. South Australia's appealing battery incentive scheme adds up to $3,000 for eligible solar batteries in Adelaide customers.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that Australian households are eligible to receive a single payment known as the Solarmarkit Electricity Rebate. This payment is designed to assist with cost-of-living expenses and to incentivize them to compare energy packages, ultimately leading to potential savings.

Feed-in Tariffs: Maximizing Solar Savings

Maximizing solar savings involves consuming generated solar power, and reducing reliance on grid electricity. The feed-in tariff, paid for excess solar energy sent back to the grid, varies based on electricity retailers and plans. 

Adelaide's solar households capitalize on this by reducing grid purchases, equating solar power's value to grid electricity.

Solar Panel Costs in Adelaide: A Quick Overview

Australian solar installation prices remain among the world's lowest, with a steady decline over the years. The article, backed by the Solar PV Price Index, reveals the average cost of a typical 6kW solar system in Adelaide, including the STC rebate and GST.

Solarmarkit offers Solar Savings, which represent the anticipated savings from your solar installation over the course of a year. This calculation considers multiple factors such as system capacity, efficiency, location, local solar irradiance, energy consumption patterns, and prevailing electricity rates.

Financial Returns: A Bright Outlook

Payback times for solar systems in Adelaide are remarkably short, leading to substantial savings. The article stresses the importance of investing in quality components and reliable installers, ensuring long-lasting performance and warranty coverage.

Indicative Returns for solar panels, Adelaide – Updated July 2023-

Solar Panel Size

Average Cost

Average Daily Energy Usage

Self Consumption Rate

Annual Savings

Payback Period



15 kWh



3.8 Years



20 kWh



3.1 Years



30 kWh



3.6 Years



45 kWh



2.5 Years

Exploring Home Battery Storage in Adelaide

While South Australia's battery rebate scheme offers tempting incentives, the financial case for solar batteries is still evolving. The article presents a balanced view on solar battery economics, indicating that solar-only installations are common, with future battery addition potential.

Use Case

Solar and Battery Solution

Total Year 1 Savings

Payback Period Solar & Battery

Payback Period Battery Only

Young Adults / Older Family

5kW of Solar Panels and a 3.5 kWh battery


6.8 years

> 20 years

Retirees / Young families

6.6kW of Solar Panels and a 6.5 kWh battery


7.3 years

> 20 years

Big Energy User

13 kW of Solar Panels and a 13.5 kWh battery


7.9 years

> 20 years

Finding the Best Solar Company in Adelaide

By highlighting these key points, Adelaide residents can make informed decisions about going solar and reaping the benefits of renewable energy. Solarmarkit is your go to brand. 

By submitting a solar job, individuals can easily obtain multiple quotes, encouraging solar providers to compete and present the best prices and discounts. Additionally, homeowners can participate in the Solarmarkit Referral Program, earning money for future electricity expenses or home renovations by referring others to join the platform.

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