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Embracing Solar Power in Canberra: A Wise Investment Choice

Canberra, ACT offers an ideal environment for embracing solar power in Australia, thanks to the continuously improving economics of solar panel installations. 

This article explores the key considerations for adopting solar energy in the region, including system pricing, energy yields, and available incentives for system owners. Moreover, it delves into the topic of battery storage, providing valuable insights for those looking to maximize their solar investment.

How Solar Power Benefits Canberra Residents

To fully benefit from solar power in Canberra, understanding how a solar system benefits a home or business is crucial. Solar panels generate electricity during sunlight hours, with the output influenced by the intensity and duration of sunshine. 

ACT residents reap two major advantages: solar self-consumption allows them to use solar energy directly, reducing reliance on grid electricity and subsequent bills, while solar feed-in credits provide financial benefits for excess solar energy sent back to the grid. Combining these two benefits makes investing in solar an excellent choice for the ACT.

Estimating Solar Panel Energy Production in Canberra

Estimating the energy output of solar panels in Canberra, the average rooftop receives approximately 4.8 sun hours per day. Based on this data, the article presents daily generation figures for different system sizes, highlighting the potential annual energy production. 

Factors such as solar panel orientation and efficiency are taken into account, providing a clear picture of the energy yield.

Energy production from Solar Panels Canberra

System Size

Number of Solar Panels

Average output per day

Annual Output

3kW solar system

8 to 10

10.7 kWh

3,945 kWh

4kW solar system

11 to 13

14.5 kWh

5,254 kWh

5kW solar system

14 to 16

18.2 kWh

6,573 kWh

7kW solar system

19 to 22

25.1 kWh

9,196 kWh

10kW solar system

27 to 31

36.3 kWh

13,142 kWh

Determining the Cost of Solar Panels in Canberra

For those considering the cost of solar panels in Canberra, the Solar Choice Price Index from September 2022 is a valuable resource. It reveals that a typical 6kW solar system costs around $6,120 after deducting the STC rebate and including GST. 

As solar becomes increasingly affordable, choosing the right system size is critical. The most popular residential size, 6.6kW, offers a cost-effective solution, catering to households consuming 15-25kWh/day. To make the best returns on your solar panels, make sure to buy from a reputable site like 

Moreover, you can avail the solar savings offered by Solarmarkit. Solar Savings, refers to the projected annual savings you can anticipate from your solar installation. The estimation takes into account multiple factors, including the system's capacity, efficiency, geographical location, local solar irradiance, energy consumption patterns, and current electricity rates.

Rebates: Boosting Solar Adoption

Government incentives play a vital role in promoting solar adoption. State-level incentives further enhance the financial benefits of going solar.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Australian households will receive a one-time payment called the Solarmarkit Electricity Rebate to aid with cost-of-living concerns and to encourage them to compare energy packages and save money.

Return on Investment: Is Solar Power Worth It in Canberra?

Considering the return on investment (ROI) for solar power in Canberra, residents benefit from some of the lowest grid electricity prices in Australia. Although this translates to lower pre-solar household bills, the ROI for a solar system might be slightly lower compared to other states. 

The article provides a table comparing ROI for different system sizes and energy usage profiles, shedding light on the financial aspect of solar adoption.

Indicative Returns for solar panels Canberra for July 2023

Solar Panel Size

Average Cost

Average Daily Energy Usage

Self Consumption Rate

Annual Savings

Payback Period



15 kWh



5.3 Years



20 kWh



4.6 Years



40 kWh



4.0 Years

Canberra Residents' Shifting Trends: Solar Panels First, Batteries Next

Canberra residents are increasingly opting to install solar panels first to reduce power bills, while keeping the option to add batteries as prices continue to decrease. This trend is driven by the additional benefits of having power during blackouts and greater reliance on renewable energy sources.

Towards a Sustainable Future: The Rise of Solar Power in Canberra

As solar power in Canberra continues to evolve, embracing this sustainable energy solution is proving to be a wise choice for businesses and homeowners alike. With the region's favorable conditions and increasing interest in renewable energy, solar adoption is set to contribute to a brighter and greener future for Canberra.

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Solarmarkit has been utilizing its expertise and advanced software to enable thousands of Australian households and businesses to make well-informed choices regarding their solar and battery installations. By posting a solar job, customers can receive multiple quotes tailored to their preferences. 

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